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Shekinah Services LLC has designed two financial fitness programs. The mission of these programs is to empower adults and youths to take control of their own economic success and make smart economic choices for their future. The lack of financial education has left many households in a tight, if we can teach how money works, then they will have a more promising future for personal financial success.

That is why we offer financial literacy in money management that includes household budgeting, innovative ways to save money, tax education, credit education, debt management, leadership and entrepreneurial principles, investment education, college and career choices, life after and during retirement, and wealth building techniques. For our adult program, we will also offer financial education for retirement and beyond.

Our goal is for every program participant to walk away with the tools and knowledge to advance economically.

Because we did not want to leave any community out of the opportunity of advancing financially, we created two programs: Faith & Financial Fitness and Spend, Save, & Invest.

The Faith & Financial Fitness caters to faith-based organizations who are interested in seeing the Biblical responsibility of handling money. We share Biblical principles of money management and give the congregations an opportunity to choose a better life through their own personal convictions and knowledge.

The Spend, Save & Investment program is designed to reach all audiences who are interested in getting straight to money facts. This program can be introduced in a school environment, workforce environment, community development, chamber members, and more.

Either program can bring empowerment to your interest event. We offer topical workshops and seminars such as Credit Management, Debt management, Family & Money, Wealth Building, Investment Education, Retirement and more. Just share your vision with our team of professional instructors and we will make sure your goal is accomplished.

Shekinah Services LLC is a unique company because we believe people need a personal touch and a personal view on their economic status. We seek to increase the knowledge and awareness of the multiplicity of choices available for a great financial future. We also seek to understand each participant and offer them personal care for their personal journey. We want them to know that if they must dream – DREAM BIG!

Testimony from Miss Challah from Little Rock:

What I learned from the credit restoration class helped me buy a house. The bank told me to pay off an account which actually caused my score to drop so I missed out on the home loan. After the credit class with Mrs. Pace, I learned that closing that account was a bad move because it ended one of my long standing credits! Also Mrs. Pace taught me to get proactive about my score. I did the leg work and got inaccurate info off my report and that did increase my score! When it was time for me to apply for my loan again, I was approved on the spot because not only was my score higher but the work helped to accurately display my debt to income ratio. I don't think I would be in my house now if I hadn't dedicated one Saturday to listening to Mrs. Pace and following her instructions!



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