Have you ever wondered why you work so hard but struggle so much financially? Probably so, I would be willing to believe that many working class Americans have wondered this same thing. It does not seem fair to have obtained a high-priced education, work to obtain a high-end salary, then yet experience good then bad financially.
When I say "experience good then bad," I am referring to the fact that the more money you make, there is a possibility that you are losing money at the same time. It is a MUST that you begin to protect your resources. After all, you work hard for it.
My husband and I experienced  a $12,000 a year loss due to the fact that we lacked proper financial education. We had bits and pieces of information here and there. Most of it was mythical practices. We did not have a financial strategy at all. We  worked hard, played hard, loved hard and fell hard. 
Our mindset was finally challenged to take ownership of our financial success. We begin to understand that that having a good financial future was up to us. This meant that no one was responsible for learning how to do that but us. We sought out capable mentoring and financial knowledge. We became committed to the journey of financial success. And, believe it or not, it took us becoming home-based business owners with myEcon, Inc. to make this transition.
We mistakenly thought this journey was about us alone. But then, the Lord spoke to my heart about sharing these tools and services with the masses.
Now the fulfillment of seeing families find financial relief is overwhelmingly satisfying. It makes our  mission and purpose fulfilling. So, thank you for trusting us to continue to serve you in any capacity that would help you have a better financial future.
I invite you to listen to more of my heart and what this journey means to me.
I''m Just Saying....

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