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We have a dedicated team of tax professionals to serve you. We are one entity in three locations. Now serving Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Washington & growing. Shekinah Services is licensed in all 50 states. 

Tax Preparation

An individual filer processes a return depending on their filing status, income, deductions they wish to claim, and any eligible credits they may receive. They will file both single and married, with or without depends.

The tax return is generally simple and is reported on a version of Form 1040 – Form 1040, Form 1040A or Form 1040-EZ. We will help you determine the best version for you.

Once the return is complete, it must be filed by the day which falls on or near April 15 each year.

Shekinah Tax Professional welcome you to file your returns with us. We can efile with direct deposit or check written in the office.


Tax Preparation

The form of business you operate determines what taxes you must pay and how you pay them.

Shekinah Tax Professionals are available to assist you. We specialize in preparing small business tax returns such as self-employment tax filers, network marketers, and 1099 independent contractors.

We also specialize in helping truck drivers, so they may have the best results during tax season.

We want HAPPY tax clients during tax season. We provide a personal touch to helping you understand your legal available tax deductions. IRS Tax Codes are provided to assist the business owners in saving the most.

Tax Preparation

  • Clergy have unique tax rules that can sometimes be confusing.

  • Ministers will sometimes fail to properly calculate their taxes. Some will avoid paying taxes on the income earned. Some will pay too much in taxes. Others will pay too less.

  • There are several tax leaders who do not understand the clergy tax issues and they do not provide tax education for their staff to understand.

We purposely seek to understand clergy tax rules, so they can better assist their clients. Our goal is to give you the best tax advice and prepare the BEST tax return that will benefit your overall financial condition as you continue to minister in peace for the Kingdom of God.


Our goal is to

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