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There are key factors in keeping your money right. It starts with how much you save on the biggest expense of a working class American citizen which is taxes. In addition to tax saving, it is how much cashflow you can keep by maintaining excellent credit, and making your cashflow grow for future emergencies and safe retirement.

Shekinah Services offers top financial services from taxes, to personal credit, to business credit, to personal financial management. We provide financial education and resources to grow your money and keep it right!

In addition, we understand business. So, we provide an array of services to support business startup and business growth. Our marketing and design strategist seek to understand your needs and provide a solution to your vision.

Our CEO and Founder, Clarissa Pace, started this company 14 YEARS AGO to provide services you could trust and people who understand where you are trying to GROW!

Shekinah's services are underpinned by 3 principles:

Clarissa Pace

CEO, Finance & Marketing Specialist

Shekinah Professionals

Clarissa, Shekinah founder, understands what it means to work hard, make money and find yourself loosing money at the same time. She founded this company to provide financial services that can be trusted and show a personal concern for your wellbeing.

With so much automation in the 21st Century, she knows you still want a voice and not any voice, but a concerned, trusted, and knowledgable voice.

Shekinah provides the care you need for your delicate financial matters.

The Office

Vice Pres.

Dr. Chris Allen

Sr. Advisor

Lou Lambert


Staff Financial


Staff Financial


Barbara Cooper

Gabe Pace

Velinda Woodard

Shekinah Services, LLC

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