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"Thank you for letting me know I was co-dependent as a woman. This book has transformed my life and revealed the truth about what  I should be doing." Grand Prairie, TX

"My co-workers and I were having a bad day. I was reading your book and read that Giving Up Is Not An Options. We knew God had sent us a word. We couldn't give up." Arlington, TX

"Ms. Pace, thank you for this book. I'm not a reader, but I was able to read your book in one day. It left me wanting more. Plus, I felt so much better about the direction I want to go financially." New Edinburg, AR

"Please keep giving us your God-given revelation as God gives it to you. I just finished your book and was so blessed." Monticello, AR


"I met you briefly when you came to North Little Rock to speak at New Creation Baptist Church.  I am writing you because I just finished reading your book "Financial Transformation" and I was tearfully moved by it! I need much help in being financially transformed, but I too was a skeptic at first. .... I want to learn more Clarissa! If you will disciple me through this journey from financial bondage to financial freedom, I will put my trust in you to assist me. In your book you encouraged the reader to trust others to assist them. I trust you, because your love for The Lord is evident when you speak and because you love Him, I know that you love His people. As I learn, I will share with God's people in our church who are as of yet still resistant to learning a different way to look at finances." Little Rock, AR

Financial Transformation 101

As a little girl, Clarissa Pace, the published author, witnessed plenty of hard times in her life due to financial mismanagement. Her parents were both entrepreneurs who made good money. However, it did not seem to have any balance. She experienced times when merchandise was repossessed, utilities were disconnected, the rent was not paid, and the groceries were few.


Their advantage was suppose to be that they were Christians who possessed abundance. Christians who were the head and not the tail. Christians who were heirs and joint heirs of the kingdom of God. If that were so, why did they live so hard?


That same generational curse followed her into her marriage. And, at some point in her life, she knew that something had to give. She begin to pursue a greater understand of how God really blesses. She even came to understand that most people were not addressing the natural principles of life nor were they addressing their own personal belief systems and misguided understanding about MONEY, STEWARDSHIP, AND CASHFLOW.


“THIS IS NOT A SELF-HELP BOOK! Rather, I am addressing the need to change our MINDS and OUR WAYS that have blocked our understanding and progress,” says Pace.

The book is short. The book is simple. “It doesn’t take forever for a person to discover where they need to change. It just takes honesty,” Pace explained.

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